Call for Papers: Media Activism


Medienimpulse 2/2011 will be a special edition on media activism. Submission deadline: 31.05.2011
Release date: 21.06.2011

Call for papers (scroll down for English)

Media activism is an as yet little researched area in media studies. Media of resistance, protest media, activist media, media of disobedience, radical media – a wide range of media configurations creates and communicates knowledge that distances itself from the knowledge of domination, attacking it at the interface of technology, politics and art. Although media activism is mostly associated with the tactical media movement of the nineties and early zeroes, it does in fact have a rich history that reaches from the graffiti of antiquity and the medieval carnival cultures to early modern pamphlet writers, 20th century radio pirates and current activism by groups such as, the Yesmen or the Liens Invisibles. This edition of Medienimpulse investigates media activism from media-theoretical, media-educational, political and technological perspectives. The editors invite submissions that address these themes in a reflexive or empirical fashion, or present detailed analyses of specific aspects.

Please direct inquiries to Wolfgang Sützl

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