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Art and Culture in the Age of Security. Data Browser 04. Edited with Geoff Cox. ‘Today we are facing extreme and most dangerous developments in the thought of security. In the course of a gradual neutralisation of politics and the progressive surrender of traditional tasks of the state, security imposes itself as the basic principle […]

Krieg und Sicherheit in Zeiten des War on Terror. Ed. with Doris Wallnöfer. Wien: Turia + Kant 2008. With contributions by Chris Hables Gray, Josefina Echavarría, Norbert Koppensteiner, Wolfgang Sützl, Dirk Spreen, Wolfgang Dietrich, Doris Wallnöfer, Eva Kreisky, Saskia Stachowitsch, Claudia Brunner, Helmut Krieger, Rainer Ganahl.