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Aarhus University’s Digital Aesthetics Research Center has published the latest issue of APRJA, which contains my article “Being with one another: towards a media phenomenology of sharing.” In the article, I examine sharing as a everyday and mediated phenomenon and ask what kind of understanding underlies sharing as practiced on social media. APRJA issue 5.1 […]

Universitat Jaume I at Castellón, Spain, is hosting a major international conference on Communication, Civil Society, and Social Change to be held on 20-22 May 2015. As a member of the scientific committee, I am pleased to take part in preparing this enterprise. Please visit the conference website for more information. Submissions should be uploaded […]

The conference program for the 2014 ICA Preconference is online and can be accessed here.

Together with Nicholas John from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University I am preparing a conference on Sharing to as a pre-conference to the 2014 ICA Annual Conference in Seattle on 22 May, 2014. Abstracts should be submitted by 30 November, 2013. Download a pdf of the call here.

We take part in an urban street protest, and we experience the activity of protesting as a peculiar transformation of the ground underneath our feet. While protesters occupy the street space, the other road users, such as shoppers, tourists and business people, are engulfed by the protesting crowd and seem strangely out of place in […]

The MIT 8 conference at Cambridge, MA, saw two panels on ‘sharing’ organized by Innsbruck Media Studies, both under the heading Deconstructing the Public/Private Distinction: On Concepts and Practices of Sharing. Please access my paper on “Subjectivities of Sharing” here.

The conference Media, Knowledge & Education 2011: Cultures and Ethics of Sharing took place at Innsbruck, 18/19 November, 2011. Thanks to all participants, co-organizers, and support staff. Audio recordings of the talks will soon be available at the conference website, followed by an online and print publication. More information on this will follow. The tagcloud […]

Paper presented at the MIT7 conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Even though the term “media activism” is often used to exclusively refer to the tactical media movement of the 1990s , contemporary media activism has in fact an extraordinarily rich history. Although research on this subject is limited, it is possible to identify media of […]