General research interests
Sharing, media theories, media ecology, media activism, information ethics, critical and cultural theories

>>Principal Investigator: Media Activism. Forms of Popular Media Appropriation.
With Theo Hug and Felix Stalder, University of Innsbruck, 2009-2012. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund.
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>>Chief Researcher:
A project by the Institute for New Culture Technologies, Vienna, 2000-2006. EU Culture 2000 Program. Learn more:

>>PhD research on Gianni Vattimo, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón (Valencia), 1997-2001. Please download a summary in Spanish here, and in German here. A critique by Rafael Capurro can be found here. My book Emancipación o Violencia — Pacifismo estético en Gianni Vattimo, published by Icaria (Barcelona) in 2007 came out of this work.


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