>>Principal Investigator: Media Activism. Forms of Popular Media Appropriation.
With Theo Hug and Felix Stalder, University of Innsbruck, 2009-2012. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund.
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>>Chief Researcher:
A project by the Institute for New Culture Technologies, Vienna, 2000-2006. EU Culture 2000 Program. Learn more:

>>PhD research on Gianni Vattimo, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón (Valencia), 1997-2001. Please download a summary in Spanish here, and in German here. A critique by Rafael Capurro can be found here. My book Emancipación o Violencia — Pacifismo estético en Gianni Vattimo, published by Icaria (Barcelona) in 2007 came out of this work.

General research interests
Media theories, media activism, critiques of violence, information ethics, philosophy of technology, philosophy of language, 20th century continental philosophy, political theories