What at first looks as if it were only a difference between two kinds of language proves to be an occurrence which rules over humans, which concerns and unsettles nothing less than the human being’s world-relation. It is a world-living whose impact can barely be noticed by today’s humans because they are continually covered over with the newest information.” 

Martin Heidegger, Traditional Language and Technological Language
(1962, transl. by Wanda Torres Gregor)

Selected translations:

>>Wolfgang Dietrich: Elicitive Conflict Transformation. Palgrave Macmillan 2013. Translated from the German with Victoria Hindley.

>>Lina Dokuzović: Gelernte Lektionen. Kämpfe und Wissen des Dissens.Transversal 10/2010 (from the English)

>>Francesco Salvini / Raúl Sánchez Cedillo: Das mestiere der Krise Vereinnahmung und Autonomie.Transversal 01/2011 (from the Spanish)

>>Konrad Becker u. Felix Stalder (eds.): Deep Search. Politik des Suchens jenseits von Google. Studienverlag 2009 (from the English)

>>Piero Camporesi: Das Blut.Turia + Kant 2004 (from the Italian)

>>Numerous translations for Lettre International, mostly from the Italian

Selected clients

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